Why You Should Watch This Apple TV+ Series

Sharon Horgan is one of the hardest working people in television today. Whether it be Disaster, or one of the many other projects she wrote or starred in, Horgan proved prolific and consistent. His new business, bad sisters, continues that flawless trend as the first four episodes on Apple TV+ were hilarious and dramatic in equal measure, delivering some of the most entertaining hours of television this year. Despite the show’s quality and critical acclaim, the show flew under the radar and didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Apple TV+ is a relative newcomer to the streaming game that lacks the popularity and content libraries of other services like Netflix and Hulu. However, other programs on the platform, like Ted Lasso and break, gained audiences through word of mouth and social media. here’s why bad sisters should be considered along these shows as a reason to renew your subscription to another streaming service.


The Witty Writing of Bad Sisters

The least surprising, but still welcome, quality of a new Sharon Horgan show is the high-pitched banter between the characters. British TV is known for its wit, and Horgan is among the country’s top talented writers, full of great comebacks and one-liners. bad sisters never feels crushed either, which is something that shows the other side of the pond can sometimes fall victim.

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The back and forth between siblings, whether it’s the Garvey sisters or the Clafin half-brothers, is always excellent and feels like real conversations between family members. The writing’s ability to dynamically switch between comedy and drama is equally impressive and necessary for a fun show that also tackles heavy subject matter like violence.

The show’s dual timeline is an interesting approach

bad sistersThe story is told in two timelines, one before Thorny JP’s death and another after. This interesting approach allows the show to have its cake and eat it too. The show is both a murder mystery and a look at how people can get to the point where killing someone seems like the right decision. We know JP will die, but the how and why are unclear, giving viewers a compelling reason to watch both sections. The visual effect with which the show jumps between timelines is also pretty cool, with the camera zooming out of a filmstrip to jump to an earlier or later scene. While it’s far from the only non-linear story on television, its clarity and enjoyment are admirable.

A solid cast and superb performances

The show also has one of the best ensemble casts in recent memory, with strong performances across the board. As stated earlier, all of the siblings seem like they could be related, and the romantic pairings on the show have a lot of chemistry as well. While all of the actresses portraying the five sisters do a great job giving them each a unique personality, the men are also sensational.

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Claes Bang, best known for his role in Ruben Östlund’s 2017 film The place, plays the role of JP perfectly, without ever giving up on being the absolute worst. Brian Gleeson is also excellent as the desperate Thomas, proving he should be held in the same high regard as the rest of his talented family. While the show is all about the five Garvey sisters, these two actors are great at playing the two very different antagonists who stand in their way.

Bad Sisters has a great soundtrack

The music in bad sisters is essential, often existing in the scene as a diegetic element. A subplot even revolves around a Lizzo performance, with one of her songs prompting a cute impromptu kitchen dance session. The fact that Sharon Horgan’s Eva listens to rock instead of Celine Dion is also used to establish her rebellious side through banter between Eva and a potential love interest.

The show’s soundtrack reflects its feminist foundations, featuring mostly female artists. The legendary PJ Harvey provided the show’s theme song and some other music from her archives. Shazam is a necessary companion to watch the show, with various needle drops that range from indie rock from bands like Grandmas House and Kim and the Cinders to a classic Nancy Sinatra track with some riot grrrl courtesy of Bikini Kill .

bad sisters is an incredibly entertaining and dark series that will leave viewers wanting more. All it takes is one episode to become almost obsessed with finding out what happened to JP and seeing if the Garvey sisters get caught. Ultimately, it’s such a fun show to watch between its gripping story and brilliant sense of humor.

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