Wonder Man and 9 Other Characters Who Keep Dying

Death is a revolving door in superhero comics, with many Marvel and DC characters riding the merry-go-round. However, few can match Wonder Man when it comes to deaths and resurrections. If superheroes got frequent flyer miles for deaths and rebirths, Wonder Man could travel to other galaxies and have miles left over for the return trip. His nature as an ion energetic being and the fact that Scarlet Witch is often in love with him means he always comes back.

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However, Wonder Man is not alone in the club of great death travelers. There are plenty of other Big Two heroes and villains who have been on the cycle of death and rebirth multiple times.

ten Grim Reaper followed his brother through life and death

Resurrection is basically a Williams family trait. Eric Williams was the cause of his brother Simon’s troubles, and his treachery and Simon’s misguided quest to protect him is the reason Simon became Wonder Man, resulting in his first death. Eric hated his brother, so when Wonder Man returned, Eric became the Grim Reaper, replacing his hand with a scythe that could fire bolts of energy.

He was also proficient in necromancy, which allowed him to return from the dead. It’s basically a running gag with Grim Reaper that no matter how many times he dies, he always comes back, ready to make Simon’s life miserable again.

9 Mr. Immortal Always Returns

Mr. Immortal is the leader of the Great Lakes Avengers, and his power is really quite simple. He comes back to life after all, his body fully regenerating. Mr. Immortal has been killed several times, but each time he bounces back. It seems like a great power and he would be a top hero, but Mr. Immortal isn’t the best fighter.

He’s not invulnerable or anything like that. The same amount of damage that would kill an average human kills him. The only difference is that he comes back to life afterwards. This held him back and kept him with the Great Lakes Avengers.

8 Resurrection Man gets new powers every time he resurrects

Mitch Shelley’s superpower is surviving death, except he benefits from it. Every time he wakes up, he has a new super power. There is a downside though, as the powers are entirely random.

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Resurrection Man made the most of it, using these abilities to travel the world and do good. Even in the 853rd century, he is still a hero. For him, death is not scary, because there is a good chance that he will come back better than before.

seven Superman Has Died In More Comics Than Most People Realize

“The Death of Superman” was a big deal in the ’90s, but it certainly wasn’t the first time Superman had died. Superman’s death stories have been prominent for years, no matter how powerful. In the Silver Age, these usually occurred in what were called “imaginary stories”, from continuity stories that were usually unique.

Over the next several years, Superman would die in a variety of Elseworlds books, as well as comic books depicting dark alternate futures. Killing Superman was a perfect way to convey to readers how serious a threat was or served as a noble sacrifice to give the book’s hero a chance to win.

6 red skull dies all the time

Red Skull is pure evil, and evil never dies. The number of stories in which Red Skull dies is difficult to estimate because he dies so much. Few villains have a resurrection device as reliable as him; in fact, he makes sure to come back in Steve Rogers clone bodies, just as one more way to spit in his enemy’s eye.

Rd Skull’s constant resurrections are a pretty fitting metaphor for the hate he espouses, as she never dies either. Even beyond that, Red Skull is too iconic of a villain to stick around indefinitely, but it’s still fine for readers to see him die.

5 Anti-Monitor ends up dying in almost every appearance he makes

Anti-Monitor is the deadliest villain of all time, having destroyed countless universes before his defeat in Crisis on Infinite Earths. He’s the ultimate boogeyman for the heroes of the DC Multiverse, a fearmonger like few others. However, as long as this reputation is earned, the Anti-Monitor always dies.

Every time the Anti-Monitor returns, he dies. The only time he didn’t die was after brightest day, but that’s pretty much just because that iteration of the DC Universe ceased to exist shortly after, which is technically a death. New 52 Anti-Monitor eventually fell to the Grail, after Rebirth Anti-Monitor attempted to betray the Justice League in battle with Perpetua and was destroyed. Anti-Monitor is powerful, but prone to death.

4 Wolverine and Death are old friends

Wolverine is a legendary fighter, but he’s not invincible. His healing factor and adamantium skeleton made him the X-Men’s first tank, but he tasted death many times. His healing factor usually brings him back, allowing him to retaliate against enemies who think he’s dead. Since Krakoa’s inception, he has also become one of the most revived X-Men.

As the field leader of X-Force, Wolverine was put into situations that killed him on multiple occasions. Nimrod personally killed him more than twenty times, which must be a record. Wolverine and Death have danced a lot, but even more, since gaining an extra safety net.

3 Ra’s al Ghul’s access to the Lazarus Pits saves him from death

Ra’s al Ghul has been trying for years to set up earth-shattering plans. Unfortunately, these plans have often ended in calamity for him, which is where his Lazarus Pits come in. Ra’s has used them for centuries to come back to life, building an empire in the shadows that rivals the nations . Batman has personally killed al Ghul on several occasions, mostly because he knows killing Ra’s is actually just a timeout for the villain.

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DC also likes to do stories where Ra dies “permanently”, like Shadow War and Batman: Death of the Maidens. These stories don’t exactly last either, as Ra’s al Ghul is just too good of a villain, and resurrection is baked into the character’s DNA.

2 Odin often dies because he is the most powerful Norse god

Odin is the king of Asgard, the father of Thor and Loki. He is a mighty fighter and a source of wisdom, having sacrificed his eye for knowledge. Odin is feared in the Nine Realms and possesses the Odin Force, a devastating power. On paper, Odin is as powerful as it gets, but it’s the ultimate glass cannon.

Odin dies all the time. They call him Odin Sleep, but that just means he was killed and needs time to revive. It’s a trope from the Thor comics: a new threat arrives, Odin talks about a big game and gets killed, Thor gets his revenge, someone else becomes king of Asgard, and Odin returns. It’s like a clock.

1 Wonder Man is the Boy of the Avengers Resurrection Poster

Wonder Man’s first appearance was as a reluctant villain, tricked into gaining ion ray powers from Heinrich Zemo after he was broken out of prison, a place he was in due to the crimes of his brother Eric. The ray worked, but it still died at the end of the issue. This was the first of many resurrections for Wonder Man. Now a being of ionic energy, death meant he would be out of action while reincorporating his form.

Wonder Man has defeated powerful foes over the years, but death is such a character trope that he still has to die a lot. It wouldn’t be Wonder Man if he didn’t die at least once every two years.

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